Use the following guide to fix EMP Streaming VOD.

  • Click the ‘Switch User‘ icon at the top right of your app.

  • Highlight your account and press and hold your select button.
  • Click ‘Delete’ to remove the old account.

  • At the next screen, click ‘Add New User’

  • Enter your first name, followed by the new username and password that you received.

  • Once you click ‘Add User’ you will be logged in.

  • Make sure to click on “Movies” and “Series” to download the categories.

Again, THANK YOU to everyone for their patience and please text/email if you have trouble.


Note: If you are not using the VOD app named EMP Streaming VOD then you are using an old app and you should upgrade using these instructions: – For help uninstalling your old app, use these instructions: